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III PosterA real life, all-male ménage à trois (1927-1943) between the photographer George Platt Lynes and one of the great artistic couples of the 20th century: writer Glenway Wescott and MoMA curator Monroe Wheeler.

III explores the fifteen-year relationship between the photographer George Platt Lynes, the writer Glenway Wescott, and the MoMA curator and publisher, Monroe Wheeler. Wescott and Wheeler lived together as partners for over sixty years, but included others in their relationship throughout that time. George Platt Lynes was one of the longest and most significant of those additions.

The play was created using the letters, journals, and photographs of these three men as a way to explore the following questions:

How did Wescott, Wheeler, and Lynes negotiate this relationship in the 1930s and 1940s when society is perceived as being far less tolerant of homosexuality, and even more so of a long-term ménage à trois? How did the relationship affect the creative output of the three individuals? How did these three men make this complex relationship “work” for fifteen years?

Tickets go on sale on July 18 at www.fringenyc.org! See the performance schedule by clicking here.

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